I'll Write, I'll Write, I'll Write

In my day to day life, especially around people I don't know, I'm the quiet guy. The introvert. The watcher. The seen but not heard. The reason isn't so much that I have nothing to say, it's more that I just really love to learn about people.

However, once you get to know me, people are usually pretty surprised at how much I actually have going on in my head. Unfortunately, there's not enough time in the day for me to make the connections and have all the discussions I'd like. So my brain sits full of ideas.

Enter this blog. I wasn't much of a writer growing up (though reading certainly appealed to me), but I had the opportunity to grow as a writer at work many years ago. And I actually enjoyed it at times! Not only is it a great way for me to finally pause and organize my thoughts, it can provide a sort of cathartic release at times.

Plus, I think I can safely say that I have a passion for learning new things. Some may call it ADD, some may call it a short attention span, and some may call it unfocused. Hint: they're all spot on. Friends from two years ago may ask how things are going with A, B, and C (my passions at the time), but they have no idea that I've already blown past D-W and am now entirely focused on X, Y, and Z.

So while I hope I can drop some knowledge bombs for friends and strangers to learn from, in the beginning at least, this is something I do for myself. It's a way to catalog my current thoughts of the day. It's a pressure relief valve to release the pent-up madness in my head. And finally, it's a way to spark some creativity I know I have lurking inside.

Sometimes I worry that we live in an age with too much information, and I hate how much I've forgotten as time goes on. With this blog serving as a reminder of years passed, I hope to find interesting new connections and ideas by fusing the old with the new. Finding patterns is what my brain does best, and having my thoughts archived in black and white will no doubt help me as I continue to better myself.

While there's nothing here just yet, that's okay. It's here for me, and the foundation is ready. Plus, I'll now forever have Matthew McConaughey's voice in my head reminding me that "I'll write, I'll write, I'll write."